SCMP Xiongan topics


16 Sep 2019
President Xi’s dream city aims at all-round intelligent infrastructure
03 May 2019
Battle for Beijing airport slots offers rare glimpse into China politics
24 February 2019
‘Greater Bay Area’ has an edge on the Xiongan New Area … for now
28 January 2019
Is Xi getting impatient with lack of progress on ‘future city’?
30 November 2018
How rival US and Chinese innovators can find common cause
23 July 2018
Xiongan brings in ConsenSys as adviser on blockchain technology
23 April 2018
China sets clean power target for Xi Jinping’s new Xiongan megacity
27 March 2018
City of London to set up finance centre to help China’s new megacity
19 March 2018
Here are the hot topics for business titans at China’s political meeting
03 March 2018
Baidu CEO calls for tax cut in Xi’s dream city Xiongan
03 January 2018
China kicks off president’s dream city, sending stocks into a frenzy
03 January 2018
Can China’s Communist Party build an innovation capital by decree?
14 December 2017
Hong Kong investors snub the builder of Xi Jinping’s dream city
05 December 2017
US$297m IPO is first in HK to target China’s Xiongan project
26 November 2017
Officials plan to let a thousand trees bloom in Xi’s dream city
20 November 2017
Xi’s dream city ‘won’t succeed without market reforms’
23 October 2017
Xi Jinping’s grand plan for Xiongan
20 October 2017
Which industries will China set up in Xiongan, Xi’s dream city?
26 June 2017
In China, Xi Jinping’s new mega city is expanding underground
12 June 2017
The polluted lake at heart of Xi Jinping’s new city dream
14 May 2017
What South Korea can teach Beijing about Xiongan
08 May 2017
What China’s Xiongan New Area can learn from ancient Egypt
07 May 2017
China stresses ‘steady’ planning for new economic zone
03 May 2017
County where Xi worked steps up bid to get ‘state-level’ status
02 May 2017
The 79-year-old behind Xi Jinping’s new city dream
29 April 2017
Xiongan New Area the latest spectacle of an ambitious Beijing
27 April 2017
Can Xi Jinping realise his ‘perfect’ city dream?
27 April 2017
Shipbuilder behind Chinese aircraft carrier to move to new economic zone
19 April 2017
Why Beijing’s push may not be enough to make Xiongan take off
17 April 2017
A right first step for new economic zone
17 April 2017
Xi’s Xiongan mega city plan is anti-market
17 April 2017
Report reveals Xi’s hand in ambitious economic zone plan
17 April 2017
Hebei proposes fast-track IPOs for Xiongan New Area firms
17 April 2017
Xi’s dream city may be China’s biggest ever public works project
17 April 2017
Xiongan landowners lead market swoon over China’s dream city
17 April 2017
Beware the froth around Xiongan stocks as sellers hold back
17 April 2017
In pictures: property speculators kept at bay in Xi’s ‘dream city’
17 April 2017
Beijing’s top cement maker warns investors to remain ‘rational’
17 April 2017
Mainland stocks touch 2017 high on ‘Xiongan concept’ rally
17 April 2017
China stocks buoyed by Xiongan economic zone optimism
17 April 2017
Hong Kong stocks kick off second quarter with gains
17 April 2017
Xi’s new district plan sparks property curbs as speculators swoop on China’s next big thing
17 April 2017
New district in Hebei backwater to rival Shenzhen and Pudong